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Client Testimonials

Written via email on January 6, 2018 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all what a terrific job you did for us! The Dotti and Manifesto walls are up and look fantastic! I can’t wait to see the rest. Please thank the entire team. MANY, MANY THANKS…. Have a wonderful weekend.

– Kerry Quigley, Senior Manager, Visual Identity & Package Design, Gerber Products Co.


Written via email on January 10, 2018 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

You guys are the best. You make construction fun again. As our preferred (and as previously mentioned) only flooring vendor we ask that you continue to refer us and spread the word of our approach to construction and how we choose to treat people. It’s a culture we work on daily. Some customers really deserve it and the ones that don’t ( while they may not  deserve it) need it even more. Truly appreciate your kind words.

– Ted Brennan, Director of Operations, The Wallkill Group


Written via email in 2017 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

I am continuing to be “blown away” by how this project turned out.  There are so many subtle things, and I am waiting to learn what people say about them.  Thank you so much for your team’s work on this project that will help us(so much) fulfill our mission to help our students who have language based learning differences.See you soon!

– Tad Jacks, Head of School, The Craig School


Written via email on 12/7/17 to Wayne Connolly:

I visited the job site this morning again to see the finished product with the base molding in place. As you know, this job required the work be done with a “museum finish”, which exceeds the average install. Despite the obstacles placed in the way by the museum exhibit contractor, Diego and his partner still finished the job in two days and with near-flawless results. The random curves created by the “mud” floor and “snow” had to be challenging but your guys brought their A-Game with them and did a beautiful installation. I could not have asked for better workmanship. Thank you very much for all your work in setting things up and delivering a fantastic product! See you on the next one!

– John Evers, Project Manager, Drill Construction


Written via email on 3/27/17 to Alexa Varro:

What can I say about Team Par?  When our school started doing renovations, we were new to the game.  Team Par came in, gave us expert guidance and executed our project seamlessly, on budget and on time!  We know there were bumps in the road but they were smoothed out before we even had a chance to worry.  Companies like this doesn’t come along everyday- we were very lucky to find such an amazing team.  Our school not only received excellent service but we have made a bunch of new friends in the process.  Win, win!  We are now embarking on our second renovation project and are excited and confident that Team Par will again excel.

– Karen Meisinger, CFO, The Craig School


Written via email on January 12, 2016 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

 I want to share with you that I absolutely LOVE the Renewal Room.  It has been a nice treat for employees after their return from the holidays.  The patchwork chairs are extremely comfortable, the branch artwork, colors, flooring, mural even down to the yoga mats are all compliments of one another.  Every piece is perfect in the space.

Not only is the buzz all positive but this room helps us show our commitment as a company to health and wellness in the office and that we take these initiatives to heart.

A BIG thanks for pulling this project together for us in a quick timeframe with such a high magnitude of professional touch.

– Taryn Orama, Manager, Safety Health Environment & Facilities Services, International Consumer Goods Corporation


Written via email on April 25, 2012 to Alexa Varro: 

…On a separate note, Wayne and your entire crew did a great job in Bedminster over the weekend.  Thanks for making us all look good.

-Glenn Korman, Senior Project Manager, Unity Construction Services 


Written via email on November 29, 2012 to Alexa Varro:

Hi guys, wanted to say congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for the wine. Also wanted to give a big thanks for the help with the carpet. Par really came thru when we were in a bind.    Thanks again, Bob & Mark

– Bob Jensen, Facilities Supervisor, Reckitt Benckiser


Written via email on March 14, 2013 to Alexa Varro:

This is very good Alexa… always, PAR brings value to my customers.

-Gary Dunlap, President, Branch Associates Construction Inc.


Written via email on September 21, 2011 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

Bravo!  Karen, this is yet another well written comprehensive article on sustainability.  Sustainability is now part of every major manufacturer’s agenda and discussions like these help to further the cause.  Great job.

Btw, congrats on conquering boot camp.  You earned my respect long ago…….
-Paul Russell, Territory Manager, Apollo Distributing, 


Sent via email on December 18, 2010 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

I just have to mention again how awesome your newsletters are.  I don’t know of any other Commercial Flooring Contractor, from North Carolina to Long Island, who promotes their company or the flooring industry like you do.  Your newsletters are informative on issues that most people don’t even realize there are solutions to and extremely professional.

Keep it up, I enjoy reading them.  Happy Holidays to you and your team.


-Brian Doucette, V.P. of Commercial Sales, Elias Wilf Corp.


Recommendation letter written on May 4, 2010 on behalf of PAR Flooring, Inc.:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing with great pleasure to recommend PAR Flooring to you for consideration of all your flooring needs.  It has been my experience working with PAR throughout all stages of my career that their knowledge and experience is most helpful.  Whether it be specifying flooring products or value engineering, PAR has always exceeded my expectations.  Their willingness to go the extra mile has been greatly appreciated.  I have found their value added services to be extremely helpful in maintaining my budgets and keeping my clients happy.  For these, and many more reasons, I continue to use PAR Flooring and would hope that you do the same.


Alan Zambarano, Project Manager, The Walsh Company, LLC


Written via email on May 7, 2014 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

Love these! Your newsletters always bring up great, fresh ideas and congratulations on being selected as a finalist for the Leading Women Entrepreneurs!

-Keri Kublin, Staff Accountant, Avison Young


Written via email on July 24, 2014:


It was nice to see you today. Thank you again for a great experience.

I was speaking to my new clients this evening and they would like to order the carpet, but decided that having the carpet installed professionally is probably the way to go. Would you be able to do the installation?


– Kate


Written via email on June 19, 2012 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

I love your newsletters, I think I have a lot to learn from you.

-Edward Albanese, DDB Contracting LLC


Written via email on November 18, 2014 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

Just saw your name listed as a leading woman entrepreneur.  Congratulations for an award that is well deserved!  You are an inspiration, especially because you succeed while holding true to your values!  I enjoy being in your company and can certainly see why you were chosen!

-Pat Radziewicz, Carefree Plant Designs



Written via email on December 16, 2014 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

 It was great to receive this newsletter because it gave us a wonderful idea for next year!  We know it always makes for a more meaningful holiday season when it’s more about the “giving” than the “receiving” so we will provide options for our residents to donate to one or two of the local worthy causes.  Hope your holidays are wonderful and please give our best to your team…they’re the best!

-Kerri Philhower, Property Manager, Princeton Community Housing – Elm Court & Harriet Bryan House



Written via email on January 13, 2015 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

 Hi, Karen! I absolutely love this newsletter. It’s so great to read about your employees’ roles, too. It humanizes them and helps me better understand what goes on in your business, so if I have a question, I know who to reach out to. Brilliant! I am inspired to do something similar now with my next newsletter. Thank you!  Have a powerful Tuesday!

-Nance L. Schick, Attorney & Mediator, The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick



Written via email on April 21, 2015 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

 Hi Karen, I love your newsletters!  They’re fun, engaging, witty, and integrate the goals and culture of TeamPar – great job!  And CONGRATULATIONS on your PWC-NJ award!!!  I hope all is well. Best regards, Helen

-Helen Le Frois, Development Coordinator, JBWS


Written via email on September 16, 2015 to Karen Rossilli-Kiefer:

 …As far as the work, your team has proven to me that your excellence, commitment to quality and pricing is unbeatable.  Good luck & good fortune.

Louis Quiroz, Project Manager, Drill Construction Company, Inc.


Written via email on November 23, 2016 to TeamPAR:

 A big thank you to all at PAR! Not just for the pie, but for always providing us with the best service in the industry

-George Cella, Facility Manager