Cost Controlled Interiors...TeamPar helps professionals decide what to buy.

Why TeamPAR


What is TeamPAR’s Secret Sauce?


TEAMWORK: The members of TeamPAR are cross-trained so every client can be assisted at any time.

VALUE ENGINEERING: The practice of increasing ROI while decreasing lifecycle costs.

ROI EXPERTISE: TeamPAR will perform feasibility studies and maintenance cost analysis to ensure the proper finishes are being selected.

TURN KEY SERVICES: Lean on us to ease your burden. TeamPAR will handle your needs from planning, finish material selections and contractor bidding to leveling through the demolition and furniture movement process. Flooring, painting and final signage and fulfillment of your way finding needs is our sweet spot. Let us outfit your reception area and add artwork and foliage to complete your space. We are your educated dealer and want to be your trusted partner.

Our pledge to you: We listen to your needs and will always be honest as we solve your problems and improve your environment. We will not be happy until you are satisfied…and our 1-year warranty doesn’t hurt either!