Cost Controlled Interiors...TeamPar helps professionals decide what to buy.



TeamPAR adds VALUE….


TO General Contractors  :  Construction Managers  :  Design-Builders

  • BY offering a one-year warranty on all work we complete.
  • BY being bondable and carrying a $5,000,000 umbrella insurance policy for liability.
  • BY Value engineering….we increase YOUR clients ROI while we decrease YOUR costs.
  • BY offering union, non-union, prevailing wage and Davis Bacon wage labor options.
  • BY enabling minority purchasing initiatives to become an achievable reality with a trusted partner that has over 20 years’ experience. Count on TeamPAR for your WBE & SBE needs.


TO The A&D Community

  • BY having deep understanding and experience to collaborate with regarding green, LEED and sustainable design.
  • BY understanding LEAN design practices.
  • BY having a deep product library – ready to share.
  • BY having a contractors “brain” helps to predict costs and set budgets. This will help you ensure that chosen products will match your client’s budget through the life of the project.
  • BY understanding color themes, product specifications and performance, TeamPAR can ensure your client is satisfied with your services for years to come. We are your “secret weapon” ready to help with as many design aspects of the project as you need.


TO Property Managers  :  Facility Managers  :  Building Owners

  • BY helping you set budgets a year in advance and ensuring they are achieved for all of your finish needs: free estimates, always. Specifications, value engineering and cost controls are established making projects possible.
  • BY analyzing your maintenance costs and determining if different finishes would decrease your re-occurring costs and increase your ROI.
  • BY helping you manage your 5 year plan by acting as a cost controlled partner you can trust as you outsource projects to enable progress and stay on track.
  • BY setting up a library of “go to” finishes to support your or your tenant’s needs, along with your typical budget and timeline.
  • BY analyzing your buildings usage patterns and offering changes to maximize your square footage. TeamPAR’s feasibility studies cost pennies and save thousands!
  • BY referring other professionals when needed to satisfy your tasks with quality tradesman you can trust.