Cost Controlled Interiors...TeamPar helps professionals decide what to buy.


What do both PARsolutions & PARflooring have in common?

TeamPAR has been established as Your Educated Dealer within the commercial real estate industry because of our two decades in business.

TeamPAR has 200 years of collective, relevant work experience. We are educated professionals that are passionate about our clients’ needs through a unique team approach.

Entrusting TeamPAR with tasks that can be outsourced enables projects to stay on schedule @ reduce costs. TeamPAR employs effective Value Engineering techniques to reduce costs without compromising performance, aesthetics or warranties. Our experience allows us to stay 3 steps ahead of your needs.

TeamPAR can provide “just in time resources” ensuring stalled projects get completed because they are now vetted, designed and brought forward in budget.

TeamPAR spends time where it is important: with schematic design, product specifications and project budgeting. You will know the look, layout and cost of your facility improvements before you make a significant financial commitment.