Cost Controlled Interiors...TeamPar helps professionals decide what to buy.


PARsolutions = On Time & Under Budget….

Through PARsolutions, we provide long term value with no regrets. Where the outcome exceeds expectations.


  • PARsolutions will become your Construction Representative or Project Strategist to help move a project forward through bid leveling and project management: planning, budgeting, designing & execution.
  • PARsolutions can step in mid-stream to push a stalled project forward through Value Engineering & design modifications that will not hinder the performance of the final space.
  • Select, supply & install furnishings for reception areas, break rooms, cafeterias, dining facilities, lobbies, waiting rooms, locker rooms & small offices.
  • Strategically designed way finding & signage services to help establish the brand of the facility while incorporating matching finish patterns into the design.
  • Cost Controlled Interiors include:
      • Concept and finish design boards
      • Feasibility studies
      • Space planning
      • Color palette selection
      • Construction finish specifications
      • Plantscapes
      • Painting
      • Furniture analysis
      • Artwork
      • Exterior seating and branded, custom entrance mats
      • “Lean” Design Concepts incorporated into healthcare plans creating value with fewer resources to increase user performance while decreasing waste
      • Sustainable, LEED or simply “green” specifications
      • Coordination of clients vendors