Cost Controlled Interiors...TeamPar helps professionals decide what to buy.


What started as a mother-daughter team in 1992 has grown into a dedicated group of free-thinking design experts and client advocates. The foundation of TeamPAR’s continued success is this energetic and eclectic group of professionals, united by shared philanthropic values and a passion for the success of every client.

We have 200 years of collective experience providing technical and design assistance to architects, designers, contractors and property owners.

We focus on what’s most important for your project: schematic design, product specifications and project budgeting.

We employ proven concepts such as Value Engineering and Just-in-Time Resources to achieve functional requirements with reduced costs — without sacrificing product quality, performance or aesthetics or compromising warranties.

We expertly handle all project tasks that can be outsourced, ensuring all timelines are met.

What makes us uniquely different?

NJ Certified WBE

NJ Certified (Category 5) SBE

SAM / CCR Registered

Diversified labor capabilities: Union, Non-union and Prevailing Wage all available to satisfy our client’s needs.